My name is Danielle Edwin. A former fashion student and obsessed with the street culture. At a glance I seem like the cool kid, but in actual fact I am just an anti-social kid, that knows a lot of people.”

Inside peak of T.U.C

Hi all you beautiful people reading this, welcome to my blog. My name is Danielle Leah Edwin, or Dani for short, and I am a former fashion media student at Lisof, now known as Stadio. Fashion has always been a passion of mine, and the urban street style has always caught my attention, hence the name The Urban Closet was born.The Urban Closet focuses on street style, internationally as well as locally. 

In the near future I will be posting some fun and informative articles so watch this space for my soon to be posted How-To style Dr. Martens article, as well as my review on the futuristic look. Also, be on the Lookout for a surprise Look Book with a street style theme, and an all exclusive interview with an exciting up and coming fashion designer.

To sum up, the intention of this blog is to raise awareness around local talent as well as international trends. It also aims to provide you with fashion tips, lifestyle, and everything else that is fun, and fashion related. Please feel free to comment and write any tips, compliments or suggestions you feel might be relevant and I will respond as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to follow me, if you liked what you read, and become apart of the T.U.C Gang… Thank you for taking a moment to read this editorial.

Danielle. L Edwin