Denim is a lifestyle, like a blue sky

Over the years denim has become part of us. For many it is a signature style,or in laymans terms, denim is their identity. The mere fabric has worked itself into our lives. First used as a working men’s overalls, and now worn by every class in society. Like a blue sky, we have grown accustomed to it.

Through this photoshoot the four models are not looked as four people, but rather as four mannequins simply showing off the different denim garments. Each one having their own opnion and style about the fabric. Three denim jackets are used in the shoot.This simple piece will always be known as classic trend, and staple piece to most people, that will never fade in the following years to come. One of the jackets being your normal lengthed denim with minor details and prints added for decoractive purposes, and the other two being cropped denim jackets. Finishing it off with a raw edge hem ,having very little detail.

As seen from the photo shoot, it may only look like a group of teens playing a card game, having some fun and enjoying each others presence. However when you take a step back you begin to notice the two male models are wearing denim jeans, and the two females are dressed in denim shorts finished off with a raw hem to match their cropped jackets. All models having not worn any tops or t-shirts under their jackets, so that all attention is focused on the denim garments, without being led astray. With only minor accessories and make-up used, but somehow all these small aspects can still grab your attention. The colour pallet is quiet self explanatory with blue being the focal point, and little touches of white in the details.

To sum up everything that has been said so far, this concept was inspired by Calvin Klein Jeans. Based off the shoot and what you have read so far, maybe now you have a fresh pair of eyes to see that denim is here to stay, and each person styles it in their own unique way, telling a story with each garment. Denim cuts for blue hearts.

A special thanks too:

Producer and director of the photoshoot – Thabang Tshukudu

Photographer – Shudufhadzo Lubengo

Models – Nomah, Minenhle, Hazel and Thabang.


Hellooo T.U.C Gang!

It has been a minute since I last posted, and I apologies for not posting in what may seem like a thousand years. To be honest this blog started off as an assignment for one of my subjects, namely Fashion Media in Varsity, but I have recently decided to continue with it.

This blog is a way for the world to see street fashion through my eyes, and hopefully one day gets me recognised by someone at Vogue, which would be a dream come true, if I ever got the chance to work there. In the upcoming weeks I will be posting more about the street culture and how Covid-19 has changed the urban style.

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Fifty Shades Of Brown

“Fashion is like eating you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” – Kenzo Takada


That classic garment I choose is a brown shirt. The look we were going for is a natural but trendy look. Hence a male model is chosen. At first we were thinking of the different classic garments that have been used in street style, and the search was narrowed down to a blazer or a shirt. We did not want something obvious, or something that has been done many times. Thus the brown shirt was chosen. When thinking about a shirt the first thought that comes to mind is a suit, and then you wonder what else could you use this shirt for? But look no further, because here are four ways to style a shirt for the streets. The images taken were not only for one season, but a variety to suit whatever season you are experiencing right now. The make-up done is very natural, only powdering him down, so that the model does not look to shiny on camera. As well as applying lip balm to get rid of chapped lips.

Very little accessories were used, and constant throughout the whole shoot. The accessories were a pearl earring, a watch, ring, and a simple beaded bracelet. Keeping it very minimalistic. It then came down to the styling of the garment. As seen the Look Book as a color theme, which consists of shades of brown, and orange. With suttle nudes introduced. The model himself helped with putting the outfits together. Giving us the end result which is “The Boy in the Brown Shirt”. Do not forget to follow, Like, and Comment if you like what you see.

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Thoughts on the Oversized Faded Neon T-Shirt

Psychedelic t-shirt

The psychedelic trend is back, and the one item I really like about this trend is the oversized t-shirt. This t-shirt basically comes in faded neon colours, either one colour is used or many different colours. Having these t-shirts in my live, has literally saved it. Dressing it up with biker shorts and white sneakers for those hot summer days or even dressing it down with high rise skinny jeans, leaving it untucked. Personally this trend doesn’t suit all body types, for some oversized people it just looks like another oversized t-shirt. The popping colours make it easier to style, pairing it with some black or blue.

I have seen many try to colour block, as in mixing neon pink tops with orange pants, and it does suit some but for others someone needs to call the fashion police. The faded neon t-shirt still looks good after a few washes, and the material doesn’t stretch or become weak. You just have to get a t-shirt that is of proper quality at Zara or Woolworths for example. Having this item in my closet is a must, as it has literally done wonders for me from personal experiences. It is not for everyone, so people please do not force it.

I would rate the oversized t-shirt a 4 out of 5 stars, due to quality purposes . Don’t forget to follow, like and comment if you liked what you read. Come join the T.U.C Gang. I will reply to your comments as soon as possible.


Dr. Martens are back once again. The trendy boots as we know them to be were no longer plain, instead new unique designs were added to them. That just made them even more stylish and a must have. The brand, however did not stop there, soon after the platform Doc’s were introduced to the world, and shook street culture. There are many different ways to style, and wear Dr. Martens, due to Dr Martens neutral color, the shoe can be easily paired with a variety of outfits.

 Here are some of the three top ways to style them through every season:

Firstly, you can opt for a grunge look. Which is the more edgy style. Wearing them with some three-quarter high-rise boyfriend jeans, black or blue, with a graphic tee, topping it off with a leather or denim jacket.

Secondly you females can wear your Doc’s with your basic white tees on the inside, and a silk below the knee slip dress on the outside. For those hot summer days. Add a jacket of your choice, and you are ready to hit the town, jamming the night away.

And lastly one can pair Dr Martens with leggings, skirts, denim, leather, and so forth. Don’t forget to join the T.U.C Gang Gang, and leave a comment.

Interview with Sabrina Letnik

Interviewer: Danielle Edwin                                                               Interviewee: Sabrina Letnik

Sabrina Letnik is a 3rd year fashion design student at Lisof.

The interview took place in a lecture room (Theory 03). The setting was very calm and quiet, which made it easier and a little more comfortable to do the interview. She looked up as I approached her, ang gave me the most welcoming smile ever to reassure me that it was okay to do the interview. As the interview begun we did a sound check, then started:

What inspired the outfit you are wearing?

“Right now…?” she said, ” Yes, right now “, I reply. “It’s comfortable, so I was feeling very post-apocalyptic grunge.” followed by a slight giggle from both of us.

Then she started describing her look, ” And then I have like tape on my nipples, so like get rid of the whole bra construct that you have to where a bra to school. I mean you can just tape it, and it is still socially acceptable, until eventually you can just walk around without a bra, and people won’t actually mind. So ya, that is todays inspiration, then the make-up is just like Africa burn.”

Who or what got you interested in fashion?

“Uhm my mother got me interested in fashion cause we use to watch her like do her make-up, and get dressed in the morning when I was younger, and I use to like cut out pictures of models and stuff, and put it on the scrapbook when I was younger, and I would always like design clothes for my dolls, and stuff so it has always been a some I am inclined to do. Also, to impact peoples clothing, to allow them to have a say in what they wear.”

How would you describe your sense of style when designing?

“When designing?…Jeez, conceptual haute couture, so it is very subliminal, not ready-to-wear, and very detailed pieces.”

My blog is about the street culture. What do you think about the street culture in South Africa?

“I feel like it’s very based around like you have your two different sub-culture groups. You’ve got your Afro-Punk, that’s the thing trendy right now, like it’s very big. Then you have your Hype beast, that wear your brands like Supreme, and all that is in, and your new Gucci packs, and then you just have that goth boy clique that just kinda vibe going on in the men’s fashion, women are going for more of the androgynous look (wearing men’s clothing). We are behind in the fashion industry by three years but we slowly getting there. All of our stuff right now in terms of trends is coming from Tokyo and Japan.” She then spoke a bit more on street style in South Africa.

 What does street style mean to you?

and her response was “expression”. One simple word that means so much, and pretty much defines street style.

What makes you different from others, why should people notice you?

“I looks at social construct, and I don’t believe they should exist. I want to push boundaries, so that people can wear whatever they want without worrying about it.”

Who is your style icon?

“My mother has always been my inspiration, like even with my collection for this year, it was her who inspired me.”

I thanked her for her time, and we said our goodbyes.