Fifty Shades Of Brown

“Fashion is like eating you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” – Kenzo Takada


That classic garment I choose is a brown shirt. The look we were going for is a natural but trendy look. Hence a male model is chosen. At first we were thinking of the different classic garments that have been used in street style, and the search was narrowed down to a blazer or a shirt. We did not want something obvious, or something that has been done many times. Thus the brown shirt was chosen. When thinking about a shirt the first thought that comes to mind is a suit, and then you wonder what else could you use this shirt for? But look no further, because here are four ways to style a shirt for the streets. The images taken were not only for one season, but a variety to suit whatever season you are experiencing right now. The make-up done is very natural, only powdering him down, so that the model does not look to shiny on camera. As well as applying lip balm to get rid of chapped lips.

Very little accessories were used, and constant throughout the whole shoot. The accessories were a pearl earring, a watch, ring, and a simple beaded bracelet. Keeping it very minimalistic. It then came down to the styling of the garment. As seen the Look Book as a color theme, which consists of shades of brown, and orange. With suttle nudes introduced. The model himself helped with putting the outfits together. Giving us the end result which is “The Boy in the Brown Shirt”. Do not forget to follow, Like, and Comment if you like what you see.

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