Thoughts on the Oversized Faded Neon T-Shirt

Psychedelic t-shirt

The psychedelic trend is back, and the one item I really like about this trend is the oversized t-shirt. This t-shirt basically comes in faded neon colours, either one colour is used or many different colours. Having these t-shirts in my live, has literally saved it. Dressing it up with biker shorts and white sneakers for those hot summer days or even dressing it down with high rise skinny jeans, leaving it untucked. Personally this trend doesn’t suit all body types, for some oversized people it just looks like another oversized t-shirt. The popping colours make it easier to style, pairing it with some black or blue.

I have seen many try to colour block, as in mixing neon pink tops with orange pants, and it does suit some but for others someone needs to call the fashion police. The faded neon t-shirt still looks good after a few washes, and the material doesn’t stretch or become weak. You just have to get a t-shirt that is of proper quality at Zara or Woolworths for example. Having this item in my closet is a must, as it has literally done wonders for me from personal experiences. It is not for everyone, so people please do not force it.

I would rate the oversized t-shirt a 4 out of 5 stars, due to quality purposes . Don’t forget to follow, like and comment if you liked what you read. Come join the T.U.C Gang. I will reply to your comments as soon as possible.

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