Denim is a lifestyle, like a blue sky

Over the years denim has become part of us. For many it is a signature style,or in laymans terms, denim is their identity. The mere fabric has worked itself into our lives. First used as a working men’s overalls, and now worn by every class in society. Like a blue sky, we have grown accustomed to it.

Through this photoshoot the four models are not looked as four people, but rather as four mannequins simply showing off the different denim garments. Each one having their own opnion and style about the fabric. Three denim jackets are used in the shoot.This simple piece will always be known as classic trend, and staple piece to most people, that will never fade in the following years to come. One of the jackets being your normal lengthed denim with minor details and prints added for decoractive purposes, and the other two being cropped denim jackets. Finishing it off with a raw edge hem ,having very little detail.

As seen from the photo shoot, it may only look like a group of teens playing a card game, having some fun and enjoying each others presence. However when you take a step back you begin to notice the two male models are wearing denim jeans, and the two females are dressed in denim shorts finished off with a raw hem to match their cropped jackets. All models having not worn any tops or t-shirts under their jackets, so that all attention is focused on the denim garments, without being led astray. With only minor accessories and make-up used, but somehow all these small aspects can still grab your attention. The colour pallet is quiet self explanatory with blue being the focal point, and little touches of white in the details.

To sum up everything that has been said so far, this concept was inspired by Calvin Klein Jeans. Based off the shoot and what you have read so far, maybe now you have a fresh pair of eyes to see that denim is here to stay, and each person styles it in their own unique way, telling a story with each garment. Denim cuts for blue hearts.

A special thanks too:

Producer and director of the photoshoot – Thabang Tshukudu

Photographer – Shudufhadzo Lubengo

Models – Nomah, Minenhle, Hazel and Thabang.

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