Hellooo T.U.C Gang!

It has been a minute since I last posted, and I apologies for not posting in what may seem like a thousand years. To be honest this blog started off as an assignment for one of my subjects, namely Fashion Media in Varsity, but I have recently decided to continue with it.

This blog is a way for the world to see street fashion through my eyes, and hopefully one day gets me recognised by someone at Vogue, which would be a dream come true, if I ever got the chance to work there. In the upcoming weeks I will be posting more about the street culture and how Covid-19 has changed the urban style.

Do not forget to like, comment what you guys would want to know regarding fashion, or anything else that relates to beauty and fashion. Subscribe if you likes what you read, and thank you for your time it is always a pleasure.

Much appreciated from the founder of The Urban Closet.

P.S prepare for a fashion explosion of fun.

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